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Davinci 18000 Lumen NEB-FLT-1068

Davinci 18000 Lumen NEB-FLT-1068

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The DAVINCI® 18000 is the pinnacle product to NEBO’s DAVINCI® rechargeable flashlight series and is the brightest to date with 18000 lumens making it perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing or other outdoor activities. It is a rugged, yet refined design and includes our latest smart technology features like Optimized COB, Smart Power Control (SPC), Smart Temperature Control (STC), Direct-to-Low Startup and our proprietary Mag Dial to quickly and easily select and power up in the light mode of your choice.

As one of the brightest, and most technologically advanced handheld rechargeable flashlights on the market today, the uses for this flashlight are virtually limitless. Flood the night with light out to 830 feet!

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