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Davinci 12000 RC Mag NEB-FLT-1070

Davinci 12000 RC Mag NEB-FLT-1070

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The DAVINCI® 12000 is rechargeable, waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes(IP67), and equipped with 5 light modes, including the impressive 12,000 lumen turbo mode. This impressively bright flashlight, with a maximum runtime of 12 hours, and features 2x zoom, Smart Power Control(SPC), an ergonomic rubberized grip, and lanyard for convenient carry.

Equipped with the Mag Dial ring to cycle through the 5 light modes, you're able to perfectly adjust the light output from 12,000 lumens all the way down to 300 lumens.  This feature alone makes the light extremely versatile to use in any household or outdoor situation.

The amount of light that pours out of this rechargeable flashlight is shadowed only by it's compact size.  Measuring in at only 11.55" Long and a head diameter of 2.51", and a weight of only 2lbs!

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