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Whelen’s newest addition to the Core family, Core-C™ is the heart of a sophisticated warning light system for work trucks. Delivering enhanced WeCanX® safety features with plug and play ease of installation, Core-C provides the intelligence of a WeCanX controller with the functionality of a control head in one convenient and compact package. Core-C makes it easy and convenient to use safety enhancing technology features like Vehicle-to-Vehicle Synchronization (V2V) and Dynamic Variable Intensity™ (DVI) light patterns on your lightbar, Inner Edge®, or other compatible WeCanX devices.

WeCanX® is the smartest and most powerful CAN-based communication system we’ve ever engineered. Providing true system synchronization, greater speed capabilities, and full support of diagnostics, WeCanX is designed for optimal situational awareness programming. WeCanX processes over 65,000 virtual inputs and supports numerous devices.  Core-C™ supports firmware updates through USB-C with Whelen Command®. All WeCanX® devices support encrypted firmware updates.  Core-C™ can be expanded and configured any way imaginable with WeCanX devices.
CenCom Core® introduced Dynamic Variable Intensity (DVI™) patterns, an innovative series of flash patterns designed to help create an advanced level of safety at nighttime work zones. These patterns are now available with
Core-C as well. Building on Whelen’s situation-based nighttime mode, DVI patterns produce safer environments for work crews by gradually increasing and decreasing warning light intensity. DVI patterns help better convey visual information to
approaching motorists, clearly indicating when a work truck is parked and improving their ability to navigate around a work zone safely.

• 4 programmable logic inputs
• Cruise mode
• Same functionality as existing remote modules

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